Study Room

Welcome to the Study Room!

The Study Room offers you both “free” access to libraries and to advanced content for the different membership levels.

  • Free libraries offer content that is in the public domain “as is”—except some minor formatting etc.   Examples include free Audio Books, Music and Text.
  • The different memberships levels offer advanced content. Examples include complete library access, workbooks, self-coaching programs, and group coaching programs and many other goodies.

Free Libraries Directory

Discover and read the collection of timeless classics  written by famous, and not so famous authors, whose writings are as valid today as when the texts were written. Many of the texts influence new works and, hence, our self-development.

There is a saying “there is nothing new under the sun,” and this holds true for many of the original works, especially in the personal- and self- development area.

James Allen Free Library

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