Why Cooking?

You properly wonder why I have included cooking on this site.

The answer is quite simple—we all have to eat.

Unfortunately many of us depend on convenient- and fast- foods for the energy etc. our bodies need to function.

While it is OK to eat these foods occasionally, they should not become our main source for energy. There are several reasons to support this argument, including

  • fast foods, no matter what commercials tell you, are often lacking the nutrients our body needs.
  • Fast foods also often contain additives, such as flavoring, coloring etc.  t hat maybe make the food more appealing and, hence, get you “hooked” on them.
  • Fast foods are mainly processed foods—containing sugars, fats and other preservatives you can live without. and
  • fast foods are seldom created to give you optimum health—after all, the purveyors of fast food want you to come back and buy more of what they offer.

However, today, we do have a slight problem.  Many people

  • Never learned how to cook.
  • Don’t know how to cook healthy meals.
  • Don’t want to cook.
  • Want it know—why cook when I can get it delivered instantaneously.
  • Want more—after all, more and bigger is better. Just supersize me all the way.
  • Don’t like the taste of home cooked meals. After all, fast foods tastes so much better—yes, foods with additives taste and look better.

This section, hopefully, will wet your appetite for “real” food, by not only stimulating your taste buds, but also your creative side. By flipping through the pages, you may become more curious about different foods and more adventurous about trying new recipes.  Moreover, just imagine, you give your creativity free reign over how to present the food to your loves one (here is a little secrete: simple herbs can turn a bland looking dish into a small work of art—through adding a little extra color to your dish).

So let’s start reading!

Who knows, you may—yes you—turn into a great hobby chef after exploring the many free texts.

Plus, let’s not forget, home cooked meals are not only good for your health, but also you looks—a vibrant body from head to toe. There is some truth to why eating your veggies is good for you.

Enter the PORTAL to mouth watering and scrumptious dishes!


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