Nursery Rhymes and Stories

Nursery Rhymes and Stories

Nursery Rhymes and stroies

I am Slabik. What’s your name?

Hi! My name is Slabik, and I am the resident teddy bear. That means I live here with my friends.

What’s your name?

I am three years old, and because of this I have a very important job to perform.

I will be your friend here at the site and show you around.

Whenever you see me you know things are abound.

I will learn as you learn and that will be fun.

And You can always find me on your page.

Now, tell your mom and dad, to check out some really cool things.

And, if you have an older sister or brother, make sure they stop by too.

There are some great stories to read and other things to explore.  Just tell them to look for my other friends and they will guide them through the site.

I am Emily, the resident cat.

At this time I want to introduce you to my friend Emily, the cat.

She likes music and sometimes you can find her in the Music Room.

Emily also helped to put a really cool little book of nursery rhymes together for you to read, and even download!



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