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Welcome to my De-Stress blog!

I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed, I like to shift my focus to something that appeases my senses. This is especially true when I am working on something that requires lots of focus and concentration.

Because we are not always  able to get up and visit a museum of art, browse through the stacks of books at a library, or go to a musical performance—something I like to do, I created my own collection of things I enjoy to “flip the switch” to relax, but also to open myself up to more creative thoughts.

Before I realized, I had acquired a small collection of many items in the Public Domain—something I enjoy doing. It is almost like going on a treasure hunt without leaving home.

After a conversation with a friend an idea was born—to create a site where people young and old can turn to for ideas to destress, but also to stimulate the mind and learn something new—after all, stimulating material is food the brain. Something we all need to keep our mental faculties working as we get older.

Here is a short re-cap:

  1. to offer material that stimulates the mind.
  2. to offer tips and things to help you take a break from lives’s stressful situations.
  3. to offer material to reflect upon.
  4. to offer practical knowledge practiced through the ages for personal development.

The product of this idea is this evolving blog.

I do hope you enjoy the material collected here as much as I enjoyed collecting, compiling, and posting it on this site.

Creative Transformations is an organization with a two tier structure.

Tier one is about offering you resources you can use right away for the things mentioned above.  At times, I have included links to other resources that are worthwhile exploring i.e., links to audio books or music. The good news—all sites linked offer resources in that are free.

When using the resources on this and/or other sites, please follow the copyright restrictions as they may differ under the creative commons licensing agreements. Because of this, you want to pay special attention to the CC included, as applicable.

Some images are from the Public Domain and will have a logo or other text stating the restriction. Others are from various vendors—meaning they have a copyright.

Put simply, our mission is to offer an environment where your mind can shift to all the things that enhance your mental well-being—from destressing to stimulating your mind.

Tie two—coming soon—is a membership structure  geared toward providing educational and coaching services at a nominal cost.  These resources  were created to full-fill a special need to an ever-growing segment of the population interested in various areas of personal development I use in my coaching practice.

The resources offered are carefully selected—they constitute a body of work collected through specialized training, research, and personal application over the time span of the past seven years, including tools for stress management, mental training and much more.

If you enjoy the free resources here or want to support our efforts, please consider donating a small amount of money.

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